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Rallison (earlier Rollex) began its journey twenty five years ago with a definite purpose- to offer safe and customer- friendly electrical products that would give complete peace of mind to the customers.In twenty five years many more things have evolved and most notable among them has been the emergence of the brand Rallison.

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Rallison shall be professionally managed group in India committed to total customers   satisfaction and enhancing channel partners value. Rallison should be an innovative entrepreneurial and empowered team constantly creating value and attaining global benchmark. Rallison shall faster a culture of caring, trust and continuous learning while meeting expectations of employees channel partner and society.
Rallison vision reflects the collection goal of the group. It was drafted through a large scale interactive process which engaged employees at every level. Rallison vision to be a globally recognized that provide best cable solution delivered by best in class people.

  • Rallison has made substantial growth over the period and is projecting a turnover of Rs. 1000 crore by 2012.
  • To build strong and maintain superior Quality standard for customer satisfaction.
  • To continuously enhance our core technologies and develop new world class technologies and product to expand our offering to customer.
  •  To build up long term relationship with our associates, customers, partners and employees.
The Rallison group has made substantial growth over the period and is projecting a turnover of Rs. 1000 crore by 2012 says Mr. Lalit Babbar, Managing Director “We have built the company brick by brick and these bricks are not made of cement and mortar but of the common bond of love and trust that Rallison is made of’. In line with Global ambitious. Rallison has been gearing up its operations by strengthening current business practices and along with the best global standards to create new benchmark of quality and customer satisfaction.

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Compensating Cables

Instrumentation Signal Cables

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