13 steps guide to save electricity and its cost without any effort

13 ways to Save Electricity and lower the Electricity Bill

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Electricity, one of the most important aspects of Human life. You are using it very frequently and blindly.

It is providing you the ease, lights, cooling, heating, technology, and most important entertainment.

We can not imagine what the life was before the invention of electricity. But we feel very privileged to have it.

But, here arise some questions.

Are we using electricity efficiently?

Are we destroying it?

Does it affect our pockets?

Are you saving the electricity?

It is always important to save electricity which in result give you the the low electrical bill.

We Rallison electricals Pvt. Ltd. is not saying you to switch it off completely. But, if you follow the given steps. Then Indeed you can save electricity for sure.

Tips to Save electricity and lower the electricity bill

1. Use LED

led-lights-768x370Light! Light! And Light! Everywhere.

We love colors. We love the lighting at night. As it is very pleasant to eyes.

However, it cost you very much.

Need a lighting solution which runs continuously, then switch your normal light bulbs to energy saving LED bulbs. You can see here the benefits of using LED bulbs over normal bulbs.

Gone are the days, when you have to switch off the lights just to save electricity and bill.

2. Switch it off

switch-it-offSimple, yet an effective way to save electricity.

Still, we are not following the rule of switching off the unnecessary electric devices.

If you really want to save electricity, make a habit of switching off the switches while leaving the room or house.

3. Select Your Fan Speed

fan-speedIt’s summer time! The time of fan!

Humidity is increasing, so is the speed of fan!

However, if you take care of speed of the fan. You will able to save the electricity and bill too.


The atmospheric conditions matter the most.

If you live in the humid atmosphere, then try to keep the fan speed slow.

If  you slow down the fan speed, the movement of air through the machine will reduce which allow reducing more humidity. And make the house cooler early.

And, if you live in a dry area, it’s better to keep the fan speed high.

These simple things reduce the energy consumption and let you allow to lower the electricity bill too.

4. Unplug any appliances that aren’t in use

unplugThis is a common mistake we all does.

Simple, yet we are not able to do it.

Why it is so effective in reducing the bill. It is because, appliances keep using energy, even when they’re switched off. It is only because of the plug.

What you should do is to look after those devices which are not in use still there plugs are in a socket.

Try to unplug your devices, once you finish the work. For example, Unplug the Computer as it fetches a lot of energy, Unplug the TV, Don’t let the plugs on Speaker, phone chargers, dryers, water heater and any other devices into the socket.

Following this step can save electricity and electricity bill.

5. Replace old appliances with energy-saving models

energy-saving-appliancesWe have heard it many time that Old is Gold! But in this case, Old is definitely not good at all.

Manufacturers of these devices were not concerned about the saving electricity.

The new devices are very much energy efficient in compare to older ones. These devices are made considering energy conservation, costs and lowering carbon footprint.

Try, replace old devices such as Refrigerator, electric oven, TV, dishwasher, Washing Machine, Light and much more.

If replacing is not possible then try these steps to save electricity.

  • Try not to use the Electrical Oven, while it is in operating state. As you are allowing the heat to come out, which directly increase the time to cook.
  • Do not open the door of fridge for long, so once you have your food item close the door immediately.
  • Unplug the TV.

The way you handle your old electrical devices let you save electricity and bill.

6. Run your fridge efficiently


fridge-1It doesn’t matter whether it is summer or winter. Your fridge runs continuously. In result it is the most expensive device which runs on electricity.

That make us think more about, how to use it efficiently.

First and foremost is the door of the fridge. You should check that the door seal is tight and there are no gaps which can cause cold air comes out.

The temperature matters the most, 4 to 5-degree temperature is the mark of an ideal fridge and -15 to -18-degree celsius is for the freezer. So keep the temperature on this mark to save electricity.

7. Service your AC

ac-service-768x512AC, Air Conditioner, the invention of the device is making your summer cooler.  At the same time, it is costing you too much.

But, What you can do? You need it the most in summer.

If you are using AC frequently for a longer period of time without giving it a break.

Then We recommend going for the service of your AC. As it can save electricity.

Within every 2 or 3 years, call in a pro to check the electrical parts and the refrigerant. OR If you are using old AC than replacing that with energy efficient model.

8. Use Permanent Air Filters

ac-air-filterAnother main point about AC is the AIR FILTERS.

The dirty air filters don’t allow the airflow which causes the AC to become inefficient.

If possible, try to change the disposable filters once a month—or you can  switch to a permanent air filter. And instead of throwing it away, clean it and use it.

9. Use the microwave

microwaveChose Microwaves over Oven. As it takes less time to cook your food than Oven.

Steps to Follow

  • Choose Energy star mark Microwave.
  • Do not open it while in running condition.
  • Plug it off after the use.
  • Try to put a limited amount of food items.

10. Save yourself ironing time

ironOkey, So you have washed your clothes already. Now what, you need to Iron them.

But, it is taking too much time to iron a single piece of cloth. And not allowing you to save electricity and bill.

What you need to do is,  take out your clothes of the dryer before they’re completely dry .

In this way,  they’ll iron much quicker and leave you with less energy bill.

11. Shut doors and close curtains

shut-the-doorWell, this again is a simple way to save electricity.

It will cost you really high to keep your house heated or cool. If possible, try to shut the doors of those part of house which you are not using. And heat or cool the only portion which you are using currently.

In this way, you are acting like a smart person who saves energy.

12. Use Smart switches

smart-switches-768x512Technology has been giving us so much and it will provide more in near future too.

You need to run any device, tap a switch to On or Off. How simple it is.

There are another technology present, which allow us to sit and it does what it is made for.


What Motion sensors does is it automatically turn lights ON/OFF. So you will get the light when you need it most.

Manually operated Motion sensors are also there which you can use in your bedroom. As it won’t turn on automatically, but turn off automatically.

Junction Box Motion sensors and wireless are the options. And you can also buy the light fixtures with motion sensors.

13. Embrace natural light

embrace-natural-light-768x620Sun, the source of Natural light. It gives you light so you can work without electricity in daytime at least.

So, open up your curtains and let the sunshine in!

Why is really good in lowering the electricity is because it allows you to switch off the electric lights.

Weather you at home or office, use natural light.

Switch off the overhead light, and try to arrange your workspace so that natural light floods your desk. And in case, and if you need extra lighting, low-powered desk lamp would be best.


Electricity is what we need the most today.

Whether you are using it home, at an office or at other places. You need it.

Use of electricity is increasing so is the cost.

Electricity Sectors need more source to develop more electricity also. But, if you look at the above given points. You can help in saving the electricity.

Which helps you lowering the bills too.

We, Rallison electricals Pvt. Ltd. provides the best LED, Electrical wires, and cable. Which runs for a longer time and saves your cost of instruments timely.

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