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7 best ways to prevent electric fire

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Electricity,”A blessing or a Curse”.

Indeed, A blessing. Electricity has been giving us pleasure, light, entertainment and lots more.


The Great invention brings problems too.

It has been asked to be electrically safe. Still many of us do not care about it.

If you won’t look after your electrical appliances, house wires and circuit panels. It will result in electric shock or electric fire.

And believe me, It is life threatening.

So, how do you going to start inspecting or examine your devices, panels and other electrical part.

Today, you will be learning about Electric fire.

What is Electric fire?

What are the causes and prevention of electric fire?

Electric fire

The main reason of electric fire is defective appliances, overloading of electrical sockets, bad quality of house wires and more.

All these create an environment which suits best for an electric fire to come in place.

Usually, electric fires happen in Winter Season. When you use heating devices and other electrical appliances continuously.

Short-circuits are the main cause of Electric fire.

That’s why it is essential to know the best prevention of electric fire.

7 best ways to prevent electric fire

Safety of your loved one is in your hands. So follow these simple ways to get rid of the electric fire.

1. Stop inserting multiple plugs into single cord


Overloading is always bad. The risk of electric fire increases when you put many plugs into single cord. These cords are in general designed for single plugs/sockets.

The best prevention is to ask your electrician about the suitable cord for each device or try to use less appliances.

2. Outdated wiring


Outdated or bad electric wires can also damage your appliances and even produces fire. Wires are solely responsible for sending electricity from one place to another. You may like to see the house wires standard.

If you found that the wires are in black color or in bad condition. It’s time to change wires.

3. Sockets


Sockets are the part of your appliances. You put it in cord and enjoy the working of the device.

If you find any damage and color difference. Its time to change the sockets or appliances.

Doing so can prevent electric fire at your place.

4. Placing of heating device


Use of heaters or heating appliances in normal in winter. But are you using them carefully?

Here carefully means, Are you placing the plug into right cord? or Are you placing the heater near curtain or clothes?

Doing so can fix your meeting with fire.

Try to place these appliance far from curtains.

5. Light fixture


Plugging light, bulbs and other lighting appliances into wrong sockets can cause electric fire.

Antique lighting appliances may have defective wiring that makes the appliance unstable by overheating. The Decorating lights with colored paper and cloth shades can increase the risk of fire when the material or fabric heats up.

Try placing light appliances into right socket.

6. Use of Stabilizer

Where there is electricity, there is Watt.

High wattage means an invitation to electric fire. Always use Stabilizer to ensure the better and safe flow of electricity.

7. Misuse of wires


Simple yet seems impossible rule to follow.  All of us know that without wires no one can even think of electricity.

But, how often do you check the quality and placing of wires. We have discussed about the quality of wires.

Another important aspect with wires is its placing.

To prevent electric fire, you should try to place it away from cloth, carpet and near curtains.


Following the above rules can prevent electric fire at your place.

We, Rallison Electrical Family urges to everyone to be safe and live in safe electric environment.

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