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What to do if there is an electrical fire?

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Accidents, as we know, do not come announced. Electrical short circuits and the fire caused due to them are no exceptions. Often times the reasons for a building catching fire...

Top five visible signs that you need to change the wiring of your house/office.

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As per our previous post, we all know how important it is to have a secure and stable electrical infrastructure. It makes sense to take a good look at the...

How a mid-sized software firm discovered the importance of having data back up.

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Tech Now software (name changed for this blog purposes) was doing great business. A few decent sized orders to automate the software systems of a group of education institutes in...

XLPE v/s PVC Insulated Cables

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This article will be useful for you as it will give complete information regarding the main differences between the XLPE and PVC cables. Both of these types are being used…

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