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20 10, 2016
  • TOP 10 Electrical Problems You Should Know

Top 10 Electrical Problems You Should Know

There are many electrical problems that a person faces in his household. These problems are easily tackled by the person. They don’t require any high level knowledge of electric circuits and can be solved without the need of an electrician. While some of these problems are fairly simple, others require complex knowledge. It is safer

18 10, 2016

How to choose best electric wires for your home

It is compulsory for you, as a homeowner to make sure that the house stays in pristine condition. It not only maintains the house but also uses a lot lesser money than it should in later times. A major future cost depends on the rewiring of the house. This can be prevented if the initial

17 10, 2016
  • ground-fault

The Ultimate guide to what is a ground fault?

A ground fault is an unintentional electrical path between a power source and a grounded surface. It occurs when an equipment has some damages and its live electrical parts are not protected from unintended contact. When the current takes an alternative path to the ground through the body of the person, it results in death.

31 08, 2016
  • electric shock symptoms

5 most common electric shock symptoms you should know

Electricity travels through a conductive medium. This is the basic principle about Electricity. Electric Shock is based on this principle. In simple words, When a Person comes into contact with an electrical appliances or electrical wires or circuits. Then the person will get the electric shock. As Electricity finds a new path to travel and

30 08, 2016
  • 7 best ways to prevent electric fire

7 best ways to prevent electric fire

Electricity,”A blessing or a Curse”. Indeed, A blessing. Electricity has been giving us pleasure, light, entertainment and lots more. But, The Great invention brings problems too. It has been asked to be electrically safe. Still many of us do not care about it. If you won’t look after your electrical appliances, house wires and circuit panels.

29 08, 2016
  • Solid-and-Stranded-wire

Solid or Stranded Wire! What should you choose?

Electrical Wire and cable is the medium through which electricity flows. These electric wires usually come in two forms, which are solid and stranded. So what will you choose, Solid or stranded wire? Electrician and even home owners are now choosing wires intelligently. Everyone wants to choose suitable wires for their house. Electrician chooses the

26 08, 2016
  • how to save electricity

How to save electricity at home without extra efforts.

We all have been using electricity for a long time now. Still, we do not find a way to save electricity charges. And the question arises in the mind of people that How to save electricity at home, offices and any other place. You all must agree to me with the point that without electricity there

17 08, 2016
  • different color of wires

This is why electrical wires come in different color.

Electricity is everywhere. And it is only because of wires and cable. These wires & cables act as the medium through which electricity flows from one point to other. Due to electricity, we are being able to do impossible things. The importance of electricity is visible. Electronic appliances (Light, AC, TV etc), electric vehicle (Bus,

10 08, 2016
  • electrical safety precautions

17 Safety Precautions when working with Electricity

Working with electricity is not an easy task to do. You need to be very cautious and careful while working with electricity. Having safe environment and surroundings is not enough to perform electricity task. Performing any task needs some rules and regulation. So is the electricity task. You should always follow simple safety precautions rules

5 08, 2016
  • flexible multicore cable

Why and where you should use Flexible Multi core Cable.

Flexible Multicore cables are constructed from copper and best known for the flexibility. These cables are used in control panels, portable devices and in the different environment in industries. You can also use it in homes. One best feature of the flexible cable is its capability to work in different temperatures. It means these cables