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Top 8 tips to save electricity and saving your electricity bill

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Be it the cold winters- the steamy summers or the watery rains, if there is an issue which is encountered across all the seasons, it is that of – ‘wastage of electricity’. On one side where we have to deal with empty pockets we also need to be mindful of wastage of electricity as a whole which is a scarce resource.
We have identified 4 human traits which often lead to mismanagement of electricity.

1. Laziness:

No human is indifferent to laziness. We are all lazy. But the irony is that, we are all aware of the fact that laziness is not something to be cherished. But we still, end up with a geyser which is forever glowing, because we simply feel lazy to extend our hand and switch off the geyser after our bath. We tell ourselves “I will come back and do it”, but that never happens. Laziness is good, but make sure it doesn’t turn out to be expensive for you.

2. Absent mindedness:

Being absent minded is totally unintentional. But how many times has it been when you came back after a long day at work and notice that the fans and lights of your home were still functioning in your absence. The uneasy feeling of guilt which follows it is not a great experience. Hence just be mindful of your appliances and surroundings.

3. Hurry:

We all rush. We all are in a hurry. Sometimes we are in such a hurry that we see the electrical appliances to be functioning, but we choose to leave it and rush to the task or work at hand. The worst part is, throughout your day there will be a constant reminder in your head which would tell you about how disorganized you were today and hence you would end up paying a heavy price.
So considering so many factors which are in our control and many more which aren’t, we have come up with a few tips to save your electricity.
Say NO to laziness, absent mindedness and hurry: We are all aware of inflation. We all have rents to pay, groceries to buy and meet our various needs- which need to fall within our budget. With so many bills to pay- electricity shouldn’t have to be the highest amount to be paid for the month. By just being persistent, mindful and aware you would end up saving a lot of electricity and hence money.

4. Use Star Rated Equipment:

star-rating-of-home-appliances-4-638-1We have seen our actors advertise for appliances with high star ratings and hence aid in better electricity management. Star rating is calculated from the star rating band which is range of energy efficiency. More the number of stars, more is the energy efficiency of the appliance. Appliances like Air conditioners, Fridges, washing machines consume a lot of energy. 5 stars on the appliances indicate highly efficient in saving electricity and 2 stars indicate poor performance in saving electricity. Although getting a 5 star equipment might turn out to be expensive, you will end up saving a lot of money eventually.

5. Educate your children:

Children being playful and unmindful as they are, might be a bit irresponsible when it comes to electricity. If you have children at your home, constantly remind them of the fact that they need to switch off the electrical appliances which they turned on or which they notice to be unnecessarily turned on.

6. Wear the right clothes:

As much as you want to wear that beautiful looking top on a hot day, you cannot if it is made of materials that absorb heat. There is no point in wearing such clothes on a hot day and complaining of heat and hence switching on an A.C when it is not needed. During the summers, make sure you have enough cotton clothes stacked up in your wardrobe. Ladies more reasons to shop!

Switch off your chargers after unplugging the device: The most common phenomenon we notice is that, the moment your phone is charged, we get so busy in reading the WhatsApp message that we forget about the reason why it was charged. The switch is kept on and it is not until you go back to charge your phone that you realize the error. Next time, reprimand yourself to switch off the switch.

7. Turn off the Wi-Fi:

unnamedwhen you are away for a day or two or more: Keeping the WI-FI on when you are away is almost like keeping it on for the ghosts. Next time you are away from your home for more than a couple of hours, switch off the Wi-Fi.

8. Set a target:

Go through your old electricity bills. Notice how much you are paying. Keep a budget or a target that you wouldn’t paying more than a fixed amount for the month as electricity bill. This target will make you mindful and will help you save electricity and money.

It is ultimately we who have to bear the consequences of our actions. When we take something very easily, we will end up being taken easily. We can never imagine our lives without electricity, which is why we need to save it and respect it or else be ready to face forced power cuts. Manage your electricity, manage your life!

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