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The Electricity & Water! Harmful or not?

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Water is Life!

Electricity is making life beautiful since the dawn of time!

Two of the most important aspect of human life. Yeah! I know everyone would agree with me on this point. Still, everyone will wonder why I am saying not to mix water and electricity together.

There is always a reason behind everything.

Water is a good conductor of electricity. And as we know that electricity flows through the conductor. Hence if an electrical device is a wet or near water, the risk of electric shock is greatly increased.

Although, it is not only water that is responsible for conducting the electricity. In real, it is the dissolved solids or impurities such as minerals and dust found in household water that creates the maximum risk.

When these impurities come into contact with electricity, “Charge is on.”

Because these water impurities carry electrical currents. Although, engineers are now able to use a special type of water to cool high voltage equipment which is known as low-conductivity water (LCW). LCW is free of these microscopic particles/impurities and remains shock free.

But, I don’t think your home runs on LCW. So I would say to follow these steps to be safe from electricity.

1. Try to choose right electrical outlets in bathroom, kitchen and outdoor


Make sure to ask your electrician to check your bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor outlets to make sure they are ground fault current interrupter (GFCI) receptacles.

2. Extension cords:


Always use proper extension cords in place. Never use an extension cord specifically designed for indoor use outside.

Doing so, it can bring electrocution or fire.

3. Keep appliances away from water:


This one is easy as we heard that keep the electrical appliances away from the contact of water.

It is recommended to install water hookup of the washing machine safely without any leakage to prevent electric shock.

Dripping water onto a power cord can cause a home fire.

4. Don’t be a power tool:

power-tools-1-66x66Are you drilling?

If yes!

Please don’t do it in the rain or near the kids pool.  As Electrical power tools uses high wattage. And if you use them in wet condition, it can increase the case of electric shock.


Sometimes, even the best things could go wrong.

Same happens with water and electricity.

Always make sure your outlets, appliances, and power cords stay far away from water.

It’s also the fact no one should ever use water on an electrical fire, but should use a fire extinguisher instead.

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