Airfield Lighting Cable (PVC)

More than 10,00,00 airplanes are landing and taking off daily. That is why the demands of the pilot team and to the technology in an airport are increasing. So keeping this in view Rallison Electricals Pvt. Ltd. developed Airfield Lighting cables which are meeting today’s technical requirement in these places.

Our Airfield Lighting Cables (tested from CRI, DGQA-Dehradun) are manufactured as per IS:1554 (Part II) with 5 KV grade. The range of airfield lighting cable is S/C x 6 & S/C x 16 in Copper and 2C x 25 in aluminum.

We provide the full range of airfield cable i.e, primary, secondary and remote control cables. Primary cables used between transformers and Constant Current Regulators, Secondary cables are used between lights and transformers and Remote Control cables shares a connection between Control Tower and Constant Current Regulators. Our airfield lighting cables are now the parts of Airports in all over India.

Parts of Airefield Lighting Cable

You are given a choice to choose from different types of Airfield Lighting cables. The basic and compulsory parts of these cables are as follow:


The conductor is the material which carries current. It can be of different materials (Aluminum/Copper).

In cable industry,  it is preferred to use copper and aluminum conductors for these cables.

Airfield Lighting Cable are with standard Copper/Aluminum conductor.


An insulator is the part of the cable which covers the conductor so that current won’t come out and create any electric fault. Insulators can be a wire (color) or any insulated material.

In airfield Lighting cable, the insulated material is PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


Inner Sheath and an outer sheath of Airfield cables are made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

The main work of sheath is to protect the cables from mechanical, climatic, electrical and chemical.

Usually the application of Airfield Lighting cable is in airports for setting the connection in isolating transformers, Control towers, flight, and CCR(Constant Current regulators).

For extra mechanical protection, it is recommended to bury these cables into ground.

The brass screened cables offer higher mechanical resistance against termites and small rodents and are suitable for direct burial in the ground.

PVC/XLPE insulation is responsible for a fire-resistant feature.
Besides, it has many features as below:

  • These cables are semiconductive screened which allow the cable to be safely operated continuously at the voltage rating of 2.8kV to ground.
  • Airfield Lightning  cable is flexible, lightweight, fire-resistant in nature.
  • Fire-resistance: Due to PVC material of Insulation and sheath.

For Airfield lighting Cable type and sizes. See below image

Type & Size Options Cross Sectional View
Type & Size Options Cross Sectional View
5 kvCopper conductor as per IS : 1554 (Part-II)
Sizes :
Single core 6 sq. mm, 16 sq. mm
2C x 6 sq. mm, 2 C X 16 sq. mm
5 kv Aluminum Cond.
2C x 25 sq. mm Conductor – Stranded Copper/Aluminum
Insulation – PVC
Outersheath – PVC
Option – Armouring – Aluminum Wire/Strip (If Armoured)
Conductor – Stranded Copper
Insulation – PVC
Innersheath – PVC
Outersheath – PVC
Option – Armouring-Aluminum Wire/Strip (If Armoured)
Conductor – Aluminum
Insulation – PVC
Innersheath – PVC
Armoured – Strip
Outersheath – PVC