CSR is fundamental to Rallison culture and core Values. We are committed to corporate social   and  environmental sustainability. These commitments should enable to perform with the highest   standards of good governance and ethics; Attract and retain quality employees; Provide   meaningful   support in our community; and improve the social and environmental impacts.

Our CSR Commitments

  • Ensure sound corporate governance and compliance practices, and increased transparency on reporting these activities.
  • Maintain ethical policies and training to ensure that all employees perform with high standards of integrity and trust.
  • Develop and enhance products and services that provide social and environmental options for clients.
  • Continue to provide talent management and well-being programs committed to support a diverse environment where employees can thrive and excel.
  • Drive corporate philanthropy that advances quality of life where our employees and clients work, live and do business.
  • Ensure proper Occupation and Environmental risk management, and privacy programs are in place.

CSR Stratgies

  • CSR projects are identified (on the basis of Customer requirements/ suggestion from employees/NGO’s) and co-ordination by CSR Committee, headed by CEO (Operations) & comprising Head Utilities, MR, Manager ENV & Safety.
  • For each CSR projects, resource requirements, time frame, action plan and responsibilities are identified.
  • Budgetary approval is taken from the MD/CEO (Operations) depending upon the amount. MD is appraised on the progress of the projects.
  • Involvement of NGO’s are ensured.

Following CSR projects are Area:Environment

  • Water conservation
    rotary-dispensaryEnergy Conservation
  •  Air Quality improvement
  •  Plantation

Social Welfare

  • Company is operating dispensary, all expense of the same are born by the  Company
    / Welfare Society formed.
  •  Eye Camps/general check up camps/Yoga.
  •  Hygiene/sanitation awareness training.
  •  Free pick up & drop facility to workers/staff.
  •  Free medical checkup for workers/staff.
  •  Free first aid to workers/staff through designated Hospitals / Doctors.

Budget Allocation

  • A budget of Rs. 9.0 lacs per annum is allocated to the dispensary. However, this has not been utilized to the fullest by Rotary & BMA.
  •  A budget of Rs. 3.0 lacs per annum is allocated to Sh. Nemi Abhay Sadharmik Utkarsh Kendra for the Cancer Hospital.
  •  Budget for Health Safety, Environment, Emergency requirement of employees & flood relief etc. is sanctioned from case to case basis.

Leader Ship Arrangement

  • Social welfare – MD monitors the progress.
  • Environment – CEO (Operations) take care all ENV related projects All HOD support ENV activities in their area MR collects the data and presents it to Management for review.
  • Manager (Accounts) ensures timely availability of found.
  •  All employee supports & participate in the CSR projects.

Water Saving Details

  •  Storage tank made to collect the water from the process & provision made for recirculation
    & zero discharge.remson-rallison-group
  • Water meter installed on bore well to monitor usage of water.
  •  Cooling towers installed for cooling water to reduce water consumption.
  •  Extensive training given to employees on avoiding water waste.
  •  Leakages in the system plugged to reduce wastage.
  •  Approx 50000 litre of water per day saved due to recirculation / training/installation of cooling     towers / monitoring.
  •  Two Water harvesting systems installed.
  •  Extensive Plantation done to ensure good impact on air quality, water table.

Water Saving Details

  • By installation of storage tank, the water pump running decreased to 4 hrs from 24 hrs.
  •  Wire drawing, major consumer of electricity, drives with soft starter installed to reduce the energy consumption. Also heat exchangers were installed for oil cooling to increase die life.
  • Extensive training given to employees for avoiding waste of energy.
  •  Energy efficient motors fitted on all the machines.
  •  Transparent sheets used in the main plant to get natural light and no electricity is used for lighting in day time.
  •  Sufficient no. of Ventilators used on roof top (working without electricity) to reduce plant temperature / air circulation and saving in electricity.
  •  Water sensors installed in water pumps to control operation.
  •  Precise control of Power factor & optimized cable sizes used to save energy.
  •  33kV line installed for reducing T&D losses & better quality of electricity.
  •  KWH meters installed on all machines to monitor electricity consumption.

Waste reduction/Pollution Reduction

 Key hazardous waste are
Waste Oil from Diesel Generator, Oil soaked cloth and Wood dust from wire drawing, CU/Al/PVC scrap.
  • Oil grade on Wire Drawing machines changed, which led to increase in the life of oil & electricity & hence decrease in cost per kg of electricity & oil.rotary
  • Heat exchangers used for oil cooling resulted in reduction of fumes.
  • UPS installed on Extruders for reduction of scrap.
  •  Leakages plugged, oil spillage reduced significantly and quantity of wood dust and clothes also reduced.
  •  PVC, the main Raw Material, has been made lead free leading to reduced impact on land and water contamination and compliance to coming up RoHS regulations.
  • Extensive training given to employees on optimum use of resources leading to reduction in PVC, CU scrap resulting in overall benefit to ecological system.
  • Reduced noise levels on all machines by monitoring the db level & improvising.
  • Ear plugs and nose masks provided wherever necessary.
  • Identified separate Bins for storage of different wastes like PVC/XLPE/Copper/ Alumimium/Polyester Tape / Papers for disposal.
  • Waste disposal through authorized agent by Central Pollution Control Board.
  • Printouts are taken on both sides of stationery to conserve paper & environment.

Energy Saving Initiatives were taken to save energy.inogration

  • 33 kV line installed (for better quality of power) and to reduce T&D losses at a cost of Rs. 30 lacs.
  • Awareness given to nearby areas for use of CFL lamps for efficient use of energy.

Waste reduction/ Pollution Reduction

  • Timely service of generators to ensure its stack monitoring better than Pollution norms.
  • Outside air quality monitoring is in line with established Pollution norms.
  •  Outside Noise Monitoring is in line with requirements of Pollution norms.
  •  The thermopack used for water heating – chimney height increased / scrubber installed        – giving better results than the specified norms.
  • Extensive Plantation done to ensure better quality of air & water table.

Social Impact

Rotary dispensary at UIT Bhiwadi is 100% funded by Rallison Welfare Society for all the population of Bhiwadi having full time doctor / eye specialist / yoga classes / remedies through yoga with an allocated budget of Rs. 9.0 lacs per annum & vision to convert it into a free hospital. All medicines are given free. Rallison understands that Partnership can help map its CSR activities. With this vision, the dispensary is administratively run by Rotary Club of Bhiwadi / BMA / Rotary Service Trust with 100% funding by us. The dispensary was set up in 2008. About 35 persons are benefited everyday from this dispensary.

The dispensary has in-house pharmacy store & remains open 6 days a week. All medicines are provided free of cost to the patients.

The dispensary has bought smiles of relief to hundreds of rural populace living in Bhiwadi.

Monetary Support for NGO’s

NGO’s like Rotary Club / Lions Club / Gaushala / Punjabi Sabha / Bharat Vikas Parishad   get regular support from Rallison.checkup

Rs. 3.0 lacs per annum is allocated to Sh. Nemi Abhay Sadharmik Utkarsh Kendra for the    Cancer Hospital.

Effort Support

  • Social welfare – MD/CEO (Operations) monitors the progress.
  • Environment – CEO (Operations) takes care all ENV related projects All HOD support ENV activities in their area MR collects the data and present to the Management.
  •  Manager (Accounts) ensures timely availability of found.
  •  All employees supports the activities decided in the projects.

Sponsorship of Sports

Sponsorship to sports activities at Residential localities like Ashiana Gulmohar Park.