FIRE SURVIVAL CABLES / WIRES Continue to operate in the presence of fire keeping all critical systems running for necessary time & at the same time reduces propagation of flame and smoke, toxic & corrosive gases generation.

Electric Cables may cause and are able to propagate fire along their length allowing rapid spread of fire throughout the cable network and the buildings.

Besides spread of fire, the burning of cables/wires generates smoke and gases which contain toxic and corrosive elements causing harm to both men and equipment.

RALLISON has designed for the first time in the world, Fire Survival Cables with Aluminium Conductor with circuit integrity of more than three hours under fire with temperatures up to 950°C under CWZ category of BS:6387. RALLISON has also developed Fire Survival Wires with circuit integrity upto 950°C and as per CWZ category of BS:6387. Validation of Design:
Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), Bangalore.

  •  Building Research Establishment Ltd. (BRE Global), U.K.

Characteristics of Fire Survival Cables/Wires:
a) Fire Performance

Flame Ignition and Flame Spread
Reduces the probability for fire to ignite and spread

Circuit Integrity
Ensures operation of electrical system during fire

b) Products of Combustion

Smoke Generation
Low. Enables occupants to see escape path and helps rescue operation.

Low. Lessens likelihood of damage to sensitive equipments.

Low. Less hazardous to human life.