Mining Cable

Mining applications can be very harmful for people as well as for cables too. The extensive vibration, impact, tension, cut-through, and sometimes damage from local wildlife are common causes for cable failure underground.

Therefore, you need to choose a cable of high quality, performance and which can save labor. For this purpose, Mining cable is the best solution. As when it comes to work under ground or dig somewhere and send the signals, Mining cables stands in front of all.

We are providing best mining cable for operation in coal mines, hard rock and underground to extract mineral resources. Our mining cable can perform continuously under harsh conditions without getting any damage.Cable designs provide high-performance mining production and ensure reliability over the lifecycle of the cable to ultimately provide you with a lower cost per ton.

Parts of Mining Cable

You are given a choice to choose from different types of Mining cable.The conductivity of the armour is not less than 75% of the phase conductor.


Conductor conducts the flow of electricity or signals within cables.

Mining cables are manufactured in 1.1 KV and 3.8 KV. 3.3 KV cables are normal with circular shaped copper/Aluminum conductor


An insulator is the part of the cable which covers the conductor so that current won’t come out and create any electric fault. Insulators can be a wire (color) or any insulated material.

These cables usually bear a PVC/XLPE insulation that protects them from impacts and harsh climatic conditions.


In mining cable, you will have double wire armour which keeps high mechanical protection.

Mining cables have applications in various mining operations. These cables are used for long-term performance in the extremely harsh environment with higher safety and productivity.
The applications of cables in mines are in drilling, loading machines, shuttle cars, roof bolters,vertical and horizontal power feeds, open pit mining, continuous and mining pumps.

PVC/XLPE insulation is responsible for the fire-resistant feature.
These cables offer excellent flexibility, torsion and drag resistance, in addition to exceptional electrical, temperature parameters, abrasion and flame resistance.
Besides, it has many features as below:

  • Copper Conductor and PVC/XLPE insulation provides safer operation for a longer period.
  • Flexibility is much needed in work in mines.
  • Mining cables can stand in the heat and cold condition.
  • Highly compatible with any electrical device or appliances or instrument or any place.

For Mining Cable type and sizes. See below image.

Type & size Options Cross sectional view
1.1/3.8 kv/6.6 kv as per IS : 1554 (Part – I) /IS:1554 (Part-II)/IS:7098 (Part-I)/BS/IEC
Sizes: Multicore upto 630 sq. mm
Conductor – Circular Shaped – Aluminum / Copper
Insulation – PVC / XLPE
Armouring – Wire
Additional Option – Normally Double Wire Armoured with Tinned Copper wire conductivity not less than 75 % of Phased Conductor