Product Development / PVC Compound (RoHS)


constantly improves on process technologies to give its products enhanced performance features that can be very rarely be equalled by competitors. The R&D team has developed advanced in-house processing technology for Fire Survival Cables, Instrumentation Cables and other type of cables. In partnership with its suppliers, RALLISON has developed special FR-XLPE, FRLS, Lead free PVC compound meeting the requirements of RoHS and giving its products superior performance characteristics, compared to other brands.


has developed Aluminium conductor Fire Survival cables for the first time in world and Fire Survival wires for the first time in India. RALLISON invests heavily in its R&D programme to ensure that its products retain superiority in terms of performance, safety and reliability and are always a step ahead of others.


Product development is a continuous process at Rallison to improve the quality of itsproducts and meet diverse/unique customers requirements. RALLISON can supply a wide range of alternative and customized designs to meet more specialized customer needs including enhanced fire performance and added environmental protection. Cables can be supplied to individual customer specifications with alternative sheathing materials and colours and also meeting special application requirement like reduced flame propagation, low smoke zero halogen characteristics, anti-termite treatment, UV resistance and so on.

PVC Compound (RoHS)
With a modern PVC Compounding plant at its Chopanki facility, RALLISON produces PVC Compounds used for insulating and sheathing of electrical cables. A centralised control system facilitates user-friendly operation of the whole plant while maintaining accurate control of each component. The PVC Compound produced is Lead free meeting the RoHS requirements.