Submersible Flat Cable

Submersible flat cable or 3core flat cables are specifically designed for underground or under-water use.
The manufacturing design of these cable depends on the factors to achieve the highest possible degree of reliability and safety in the area where it would be installed.Our Submersible flat cable is very power saving, reliable, flexible, tough, and can work in wet conditions for a longer period.

Parts of Submersible Flat Cables

Our Submersible flat cable comes with PVC insulation. Besides these the cable has some basic parts which are:


The conductor is the material which carries current. It can be of different materials (Aluminum/Copper).

In the cable industry,  it is preferred to use copper and aluminum conductors for these cables.

We manufacture Submersible flat cable with copper conductor. The copper conductor can provide flexibility too.


An Insulator is the part of the cable which covers the conductor so that current won’t come out and create any electric fault.

These wires are protected with tough grade PVC insulation with colors red, blue and yellow.


The sheath is the protection cover of cable, which protects cables from external forces, oil, water and mechanical forces.

Keeping in view this major part, we have built our flat submersible cable with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) sheath.

PVC can also stand against the excessive heating condition.

Submersible flat cable has its use in winding/rewinding submersible pump motors. Due to PVC insulation, these cables can work continuously under water for a long time.

Rallison Electrical is one name among cable industry who is developing cables of large sizes with multi-strand copper conductors for higher HP Pump motors for application in dewatering, naval pumps, and mining.

Copper strands conductor gives higher flexibility and PVC insulation is responsible for the fire-resistant feature.
Besides, it has many features as below:

  • Submersible flat cable can work in hazardous condition due to its plastic insulation.
  • These cables can work continuously under water for a longer period.
  • Its flexibility and work against excessive temperature give these cables higher operational fluency.

For Submersible flat cable/Thermocouple cables type and sizes. See below image.

Type & Size Options Cross Sectional View
1.1 kv stranded Plain Copper, PVC Insulated & PVC sheathed as per IS : 694
Sizes :
3 core – 1.5 to 35 sq. mm

Conductor – Copper
Insulation – PVC /HR PVC
Sheath – PVC / HR PVC