Thermocouple Extension/ Compensating Cables

These cables can also be termed as instrumentation cables, since they are used for process temperature measurement. The construction is similar to paired instrumentation cable but the conductor material is different. Thermocouple is used in processes to sense temperature and is connected to the pyrometers for indication and control. The thermocouple and pyrometers are electrically connnected by Thermocouple extension/Compensating Cables. The conductors used for these cables are required to have similar thermoelectric (emf) properties as that to the thermocouple used for sensing the temperature. The cables are manufactured as per IS:8784, ANSI-96.1, BS, DIN and customers specification.

For LT power cable type and sizes. See below image.

Type & Size Options Cross Sectional View
Specified alloy conductor, PVC insulated cores twisted to form pairs, Individual/overall pair shielded armoured/unarmoured PVC sheath as per ANSI –MC 96-1 /IS : 8784 / IS : 1554 /IS :5608 IEC : 189
Sizes : 0.5 /0.75/1.5 Sq. mm upto 24 pair
Conductor – Chormel – Alumel /Iron – Constantan / Chrome Constantan /Copper Constantan
Insulation – PVC /HR PVC /XLPE
Drainwire – Stranded /Solid
Innersheath – PVC /HR PVC /FR /FRLS / Zero Halogen
Unarmoured /Armoured – G. S. Round Wire/Flat Strip
Outersheath – PVC / HR PVC / FR /FRLS/ Zero Halogen